Why choose a frameless glass shower door?

Glass shower doors are basically glass panels in an aluminum frame that slide on rails. Shower doors of this type have been common over the years for a number of reasons. Not only do they look clean and tidy, but they also save space in small bathrooms. For most people, they are easy to maneuver and have clear access to the shower. Unlike shower curtains, bypass doors are more effective at keeping the rest of the bathroom dry, although the track requires regular maintenance to prevent mold and debris buildup.

The bathroom sliding door not only solves the hygienic problem of the residents, but also helps them save money to a large extent. According to statistics from our website, 80% of our customers will repurchase our shower door accessories. Of course, easy installation and firmness are also one of its advantages.


Semi-frameless bypass doors are identifiable as they have several unframed parts, which give the doors a more modern appearance. Similarly, another stylish option, is a barn door style shower door, which incorporates two panels of frameless glass secured with unobtrusive mounting brackets. The sliding door is attached to an upper bar, allowing the panels to roll past each other to create an opening in the bath unit. An attractive feature of barn-style shower doors is that the design can be customized for larger bathrooms.


We recommend that no matter what type of shower door you choose, it's important to clean the glass weekly with natural cleaners such as warm water and vinegar. It is also recommended to keep the squeegee handy and use it on the glass after each shower, and then open the door to allow air to circulate until it is completely dry. Not only will this keep your bathroom looking neat, but it will also help your shower enclosure last for years.


Post time: Sep-22-2022