The door of the shower room should be opened inside or outside? It’s not easy to have safety problems if you pay attention to it.

Would you like to open the door of the shower room inside or outside?

It is easy to bring potential safety hazard to choose the shower door with internal opening. If you slip and fall when taking a bath, it's very difficult even to ask for help from others to push the door open. If you are an old man, you'll be physically blocked by the door, and people outside can't open the door even if they are dying. If you think about it carefully, it's not safe.


On the contrary, if the door is open to the outside, there will be no similar situation, reducing security risks. Therefore, in the purchase of shower room, we must pay attention to the design of the door. It is suggested to choose sliding door, which is safer than the inner door.

Post time: Dec-28-2020