Shower industry distribution in China

There are three regions in China respectively Zhongshan, Xiaoshan, Foshan, these three regions produce more than 90% of the shower cabin in China.
Zhongshan is located in central and southern Pearl River Delta, Pearl River mouth on the West Bank, north of Guangzhou, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, the geographical position is the original source of Huaxia Ceramic network home location, water and land transportation is very convenient. At present, Zhongshan has more than 150 enterprises produce shower room.
Hangzhou city Xiaoshan District shower enterprises are concentrated in the town of Nanyang. With an annual output of various types of shower room of more than 1000000, accounting for about 20% of total output. Nanyang shower room supporting enterprises, some large shower room production enterprises of tempered glass, automated assembly line, A B S composite board processing lines, production line, glass accessories production lines and goods are available in all varieties.” Not out Nanyang gate, made shower”.
Foshan shower mainly concentrated in the Nanhai, Chancheng. As Chinese sanitary ware industry base leading article from Ceramics China, Foshan in ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bathroom leisure and other aspects of the strength of strong.
Shower room industry today, is no longer a tape, two pieces of glass can be sent out a simple product, raise the technological content spawned a steam room, massage room, easy to clean technology, magnetic shower room and other high-end shower room products. Three shower property area competition is upgraded, the shower room has entered the new phase of brand competition, in the separation of the pattern will move toward He Fang, industry and market are rub one’s eyes and wait.

Post time: Apr-12-2019