Learn these skills and your bathroom will be free from clutter

  A clean and bright bathroom can not only make people feel happy physically and mentally, but also improve home atmosphere. Today, we will tell you some decoration skills for the bathroom. Learn these, and your bathroom will be free from clutter.

  1. Washing area

 Girls usually put their face cream or cosmetics in the bathroom. Some cosmetics can not be stained with water, so they should be put in closed lockers. In order to save space, we can choose a washbasin storage cabinet, which is often called"bathroom cabinet". It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a sense of design.

  2. Bath area

  If you don't want to splash during the shower, except for installing the shower curtain, the glass door of the shower room is the simplest way to separate dry and wet. It is easy to install and is very suitable for the bathroom with a small area. At the same time, the glass door does not need to be cleaned frequently and can be replaced regularly, so as to ensure hygiene. It can not only prevent the overflow of water spray during shower, but also have the function of waterproof and windproof.