How to choose the size of bathroom products? What preparations should be made in advance for bathroom decoration?

  In the inter room space decoration, the bathroom is often an area that we are easy to ignore. Although its area is not very large, it undertakes important tasks in our life. And the water route of the bathroom is particularly complex. If we do not control some details during the decoration, such as the size of bathroom products, or preparation before decoration, it will cause great trouble to our lives in the future, which requires us spend a lot of energy and money to solve it.

  1. Dimensions of sanitary products

  When facing a wide variety of bathroom products in the market, we usually don't know how to choose them. In fact, when we buy bathroom ware, except for paying attention to the quality of the product, the size should also be our focus. When we buy bathroom products, we must have a clear plan for the specific size of the whole bathroom, and then fill the corresponding products according to the size of the area.

  2.Sanitary dead corner

   For the toilet, cleaning has always been very important. The toilet can be the hardest hit area for cleaning, especially in the dead corner areas of some toilets, we often have to make great efforts. For example, the dead corner around the toilet is often very easy to hide dirt. We can use wall mounted toilet, which is more convenient to use, and occupies less area and has no sanitary dead corner. For products such as bathroom cabinets, try to choose the suspended design without direct contact with the ground. The mop can directly go deep into it for cleaning. It not only has a very high appearance value, but also very convenient and simple to clean.

3.Water and Electricity transformation

   Generally, after the water and electricity transformation of the toilet, the decoration company will basically provide the owner with a transformation map. Many owners don't pay attention to it and just throw it away directly. In fact, this approach is wrong. The transformation map must be well preserved. The trend of power lines are marked on it. If there are problems in the future, we can make modifications according to this map.