Comfortable enjoyment in a small space, the guide to purchase and install shower room

The shower room has many advantages such as small footprint, effective separation of dry and wet, and insulation in winter. When purchasing, it mainly depends on the quality of the glass material, chassis and hardware of the shower room. In addition, there are many precautions during installation. Let's take a look at the guide for purchasing and installing the shower room with the editor.


How to buy shower room products

The shower room can be divided into multiple product types according to different basis. Let's understand how to choose.

Choose shape according to space Different types of shower room options

The shower room is divided according to the shape, which can be divided into the vertical angle shower room, the in-line bath screen, and the bath screen on the bathtub. The selection is mainly based on the area size and space characteristics of the bathroom.

Comparison of shower room shapes:

The advantages and disadvantages of the common shower room classification structure. The vertical angle shower room has square, arc, and diamond shapes from the appearance. It is divided into angular entry and single-sided entry. The big feature is that it can be better used and limited. The bathroom area is relatively narrow and the expansion rate is relatively small. The air is not circulating. The flat-shaped bath screen is installed on the wall of the bathroom. The space separating a part of the shower is simple and convenient. It is suitable for narrow bathroom spaces. The shower screen lacks support and cannot Push and pull the bath screen on the bathtub too hard. Generally, the bath screen is shortened by a straight shape, or the fully foldable shape takes into account the needs of bathing and showering. The installation cost is very high and not cost-effective.

Post time: Jan-15-2021