5 Bathroom Makeover Ideas for Every Design Aesthetic

Ask any designer and they'll tell you: The kitchen and bathroom ultimately make up a home. That's why these are the most popular investment spaces when it comes to renovations and remodels. At this point, make no mistake: Upgrading your kitchen or bathroom will cost you, but in the end, the results will be well worth it. To prove it, today we're focusing on bathroom remodel ideas. Whatever your design aesthetic—a coastal grandmother, a modern expert, a color lover or a subtle minimalist—you'll find more than a dozen different ways to decorate the bathroom in your home.

  Even if you don't copy the look tile for tile, let these beautifully designed bathrooms serve as inspiration for your own dream salle de bains. Perhaps you'll love the vanity from one space while fawning over the shower from another, or maybe you'll rethink an all-white aesthetic in favor of a brighter motif. Whatever the case may be, your dream bathroom awaits. Here, our 5 best bathroom makeover ideas to spark some inspiration in your own home.

1 Arched Bath

Have you ever seen a more inviting bathtub? The arched entryway paired with the wainscoting, claw-foot tub, and dainty curtains make this bathroom, which was designed by our website, seem like a charming country retreat.



2 Invisible Shower