• Key points of shower room decoration.
    Post time: Mar-10-2021

    Where is the most important decoration area in the bathroom? Someone answered the toilet and washing area, in fact, the first important thing is the shower room! The shower room has a large water flow, and a lot of hardware is used. The way of partitioning depends on the specific situation, every...Read more »

  • Comfortable enjoyment in a small space, the guide to purchase and install shower room
    Post time: Jan-15-2021

    The shower room has many advantages such as small footprint, effective separation of dry and wet, and insulation in winter. When purchasing, it mainly depends on the quality of the glass material, chassis and hardware of the shower room. In addition, there are many precautions during installation...Read more »

  • The door of the shower room should be opened inside or outside? It’s not easy to have safety problems if you pay attention to it.
    Post time: Dec-28-2020

    Would you like to open the door of the shower room inside or outside? It is easy to bring potential safety hazard to choose the shower door with internal opening. If you slip and fall when taking a bath, it’s very difficult even to ask for help from others to push the door open. If you are ...Read more »

  • For bathroom decoration, should I choose a glass shower room or a shower curtain?
    Post time: Nov-24-2020

    No.1 Bathroom size Regardless of whether you choose an arc-shaped or diamond-shaped shower room in the bathroom, the smallest size should be 800*800MM, installed between the two walls of the bathroom. If the family members are larger and fatter, the size of the glass shower room should be increa...Read more »

  • Worry about the bathroom leaking and damp?pay attention to these points
    Post time: Nov-05-2020

    Today I will share the king of bathroom details-shower room. When it comes to the toilet, we have to talk about the separation of dry and wet. Nowadays, apart from making the washbasin outside the bathroom, the mainstream approach is to integrate the shower area, wash area, and toilet area in the...Read more »

  • Reasons for easy derailment of shower room
    Post time: Sep-25-2020

    It is often reported on the Internet that the shower room is derailed, and the glass door of the shower room has fallen off. Today, I will analyze the reasons with you. The key point of the shower room derailment is the pulley, which basically determines the track. Today, I want to share with yo...Read more »

  • Four main points to teach you to choose shower room
    Post time: Sep-01-2020

    With the increasing demand of shower room market, many manufacturers use unqualified materials to assemble shower room for low price and low cost. Whether the materials, processing technology and quality inspection of glass, aluminum and shower room hardware fittings meet the standards is unknown...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-15-2020

    Consumers must not ignore, shower door hardware accessories seems small but very important! The hardware fittings of shower door seems small and inconspicuous, but they play an important role. If the shower door lacks any small hardware accessories, it is likely to affect the overall safety and s...Read more »

  • Post time: Jun-15-2020

    Modern household has higher and higher requirements for bathroom facilities. Many families want to have an independent bath space. So what are the advantages of independent bath space? 1. Can be divided into independent bath space. Generally speaking, the toilet and washroom of residential buildi...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-05-2019

    A shower enclosure is a watertight structure with enclosing walls, a draining floor, and a door or an open access way, which enables the end-user to have a tub bath or take a shower while effectively keeping the water within the tub or shower area from overflowing onto the surrounding floor. Show...Read more »

  • Post time: Sep-29-2019

    Shower Enclosure and Cubicles Market Insights 2018, is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Shower Enclosure and Cubicles industry with a focus on the Global market. The report provides key statistics on the market status of the Shower Enclosure and Cubicles manufa...Read more »

  • Post time: Jul-04-2019

    A shower enclosure will be a part of your bathroom for years to come and buying one will be an investment into your house. Therefore, before buying a shower enclosure it is important to take into consideration the following, to ensure your new shower cubicle will last the test of time.General Sh...Read more »

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